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06 Nov 2017

explained: 10 common SEO vocabulary words

We've partnered with John Victory from to talk about search engine optimization, SEO. A topic that easily confuses everyone who understand it. 

30 Oct 2017

Elyssa's trip to Scotland June 2017

Here at AmDee we encourage our staff to travel. We are a remote company, so why not use the ability to work anywhere so long as you have internet? Our only catch, when you return we want them to write an article about their travels. No one, not even our Project Manager who also handles the blog is exempt. In June I traveled to Scotland, and 4 months later have finally put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) and compiled my thoughts and answered Amar's questions about the trip. 

23 Oct 2017

4 Reasons Launch a Website Redesign Project

In recent years User Experience (UX) has become a buzzword. According to Wikipedia, it is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product or experience by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction. So how do you know if your existing website needs a website redesign?

18 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017

Understanding the Differences between and

Almost one out of three websites uses the WordPress open source platform. Yet it is easy to get confused by the existence of both and versions. Is this a butter and margarine type of choice, or are there more profound differences? It is important to know which of these platforms it makes the most sense to choose. Below we compare to

What is the difference; vs.

02 Oct 2017

Web accessibility matters more in 2017

Whether your website is educational, nonprofit or commercial, you hope to draw a broad audience. No doubt you invest in SEO and keep an eye on the search result ratings to see how well the site performs. Yet there is another very important issue you must not neglect — making web content accessible to all. It requires much more thought about site organization, fonts, and the use of audio and visual aids. You also need to make content easy to access from mobile media as well as desktop computers.

25 Sep 2017

10 online security blunders to avoid

There are few worse faux-pas than having your online identity stolen. According to the Javelin Strategy & Research study, in 2016 there was over 15.4 million Americans who had their identity stolen. It is estimated that nearly half of Americans will have their computer compromised or have been completely hacked every year. You've probably received the "emergency I'm in a foreign country and been robbed" emails pop up in your inbox, or maybe you've been a victim of ransomware such as WannaCry. Today, more than ever, it's important to be aware of your internet security and take steps to protect yourself.

Keep yourself digitally secure with the 10 actionable ideas.

19 Sep 2017

Is Your Organization Ready for Advanced Analytics?

How can you tell that you're ready for advanced analytics?

The bosses thought that website traffic analysis was only for the geeks. After intense efforts you convince them that this data helps ensure online success. Now, at last, you have added Google Analytics to your website pages and it is up and running. The higher ups have come to appreciate the value of analytics data. They learn where the visitors come from, how long they stay and other useful information. This knowledge reveals ways in which you can make the site more appealing. But getting more advanced analytics can also help measure how improvements boost visitors and cut bounce rates.

13 Sep 2017
11 Sep 2017

Are long tail keywords still a valid SEO strategy for 2017?

If your organization has an online presence you want to get a high score in search engine results (SEO). The better your ratings, the higher the number of visitors and sales (conversions) you can get. The theory is simple but putting it into practice is a major website marketing challenge.