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26 Jun 2017

5 Reasons Why Email Newsletters are Essential for NonProfits

Over the past few decades email newsletters have become more important to nonprofits. They allow you to be more effective in publicizing activities and helping fundraise. This trend parallels developments in business communications; most firms recognize they lose potential customers without an...

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19 Jun 2017

4 Steps to Master the Website Redesign Process

You may be looking into updating your website for a variety of reasons. It may not be mobile friendly, you want to update your content management system (CMS) or you've recently rebranded. It could also have other design or structural problems . No matter the reason, your small business or...
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12 Jun 2017

Guide for understanding landing pages

So What is a Landing Page?

In regular conversations landing page gets used interchangeably with home page. Online marketers favor highly specific definitions. The most popular marketing definitions says that the prime role is to persuade visitors to supply their contact details on an online...

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07 Jun 2017

Accessibility Planning for Your Next Event

Is Accessibility on Your Event Planning Checklist?

If you plan events, you probably have (or will create) a thorough list of things you need to do – book the venue, arrange for speakers or entertainment, choose the menu, etc. Here’s another item for the list - when your organization is planning...

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05 Jun 2017

4 Ways to Ensure your Organization’s Mailings Don’t Become Spam

The spam filter performs an excellent job preventing a flood of unsolicited messages hitting the inbox, but it also has a negative side — legitimate nonprofit's email marketing often gets blocked.

An organization's good reputation may also be damaged if too many of their emails get marked as...

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30 May 2017

5 Key Performance Indicators When Tracking Your Website

Top commercial websites serve a role comparable to attractive shop window displays. For hundreds of years shopkeepers have made eye-catching displays to persuade a passersby to stop, take a look, and hopefully come inside and buy something. The internet equivalent is a well-written and...

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23 May 2017

3 Important Reasons For Web Accessibility

The average American spends almost half of their day staring at a screen. A recently Neilson report reveals that adults in the United States spend over 14 hours a day on digital devices. With those statistics it is hard to deny that the web is an important resource for many aspects of life. For...

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18 May 2017

My journey into web accessibility

Before starting AmDee, I worked as a consultant for many years. I was working on a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) project as a senior developer in 2008. We were almost ready to deliver the project to the agency when the project manager came to me. He asked, is our project 508 compliant? I...

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17 May 2017

4 Tips to increase your Nonprofit's Email Marketing

Email marketing still has one of the highest engagement rates. It is also one of the most affordable ways to engage customers and potential donors!

Attracting the right eyes and standing out from the digital crowd is difficult. Knowing email marketing best practices helps. Read More
08 May 2017

Social media integration with your website

It's no secret that social media is a crucial part of your business' marketing strategy. Is your team utilizing the powerful connection between your website and social media? Connecting your social media presence & website can boost traffic and followers on both platforms.

Social media...

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