31 Aug 2016

Behind the Screen: Meet Elyssa, AmDee's Project Manager

In today's Behind the Screen series, we're meeting our Project Manager, Elyssa!

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Meet Elyssa Respaut, AmDee’s Project Manager. She is a native New Yorker, currently living in Spain.

With a touch of OCD, Elyssa plans and organizes everything in her life. She says, "sometimes my friend's think I'm crazy. We'll talk about taking a trip and an hour later I'm sending them an invite to share a Trello board to better plan the trip."

She enjoys the satistfaction of a good check-list and watching tasks amd milestones become completed. Making her career with AmDee a perfect fit as a PM. She has developed a love of managing projects and team members to keep them organized and on track. While her friends may sometimes think she's crazy to organize vacations via Trello, they are skills that are well developed for AmDee. A motto she tries to live by is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Elyssa's Personal Trello Organization.png

In addition to her passion for organization, Elyssa loves animals! She's had a rabbit, guinea pigs, and rescue dogs throughout her life. She’s also an outdoors enthusiast; enjoying day hikes, snowboarding and bicycle rides. She especially finds happiness in exploring unknown areas of the world. In 2016 Elyssa decided to channel her passion for adventure and cycling.

IMG_7904.jpgThis gave birth to an epic, multi-month bicycling trip across America.

On May 9th, 2016 Elyssa and Chip, her trusty bike, started her route in Yorktown Virginia She met up with 2 other cyclists on May 10th. After placing their rear tires in the Atlantic, a route tradition, the trio pedaled away from the East Coast.


Elyssa TransAm end.jpg

78 days, 10 states and 4,500 miles later the trio arrived at the edge of the Pacific; in Astoria, Oregon. Pictures at the Maritime Museum commemorated the official end of the Trans-American route.


If you were a fly on the wall during this trip, you would hear Elyssa often proclaim, 'I hate hills!' She's excited to be off the bicycle, at least for a little while, while she moves out and sets up her new home in Oregon.


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