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05 Sep 2017
31 Aug 2017

8 Free Typography Design Resources

Type makes a real difference to your website.

Website owners appreciate the value of good SEO, interesting content and eye-catching graphics. They are often less aware of how their choice of type affects the site's success. At the most basic level poor font choices reduce readability. 

30 Aug 2017

4 things to know before you start using Google for your Web Analytics

Many businesses want to monitor their website with web analytics.

However, before you even start using tools like Google Analytics, you should make sure that you know how you’ll use them, as well as, if you even need them. 

21 Aug 2017

5 common mistakes that hurt usability

Every website operator faces the key challenges of how to attract and keep visitors. Let's assume your organization's mission is likely to attract wide interest. You are confident that many people will be supportive. But after a few months, Google analytics show visitor results disappoint. Great content does not make success if you fail to deliver the best possible user experience (UX).

14 Aug 2017

10 Free Stock Photo Sites

Websites need a strong visual appeal to entice visitors to stay and linger. Whether it's when you're writing blogs or for resources, images attract visitors to remain on your site.

Free photo sites offer quality images with many choices of Creative Commons (CC) photos, graphics and even videos.

There are a wide choice of sites that offer free stock images to explore. If you cannot find the picture you want on one you may find it on another. 

07 Aug 2017

4 WordPress plugins for Analytics

Your WordPress site is set-up to integrate with social media and SEO plugins. But can you track the performance of your site?

Improved access to key visitor data enables you to maximize online campaign effectiveness.

03 Aug 2017

7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

You've decided to make the jump. You've switched your organization to a WordPress site! With your new content management system (CMS) one of your top priorities is to improve your SEO.

The WordPress plugin library has over 51,800 plugins, over 3,000 are dedicated to SEO. So which are the best wordpress plugins for SEO? We've done the hard work and created a list of the best SEO.  

31 Jul 2017

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media

Summer is in full swing. Your nonprofit or parent center has many fantastic events planned. You want to get the word out through your WordPress site. A good plugin helps the message delivery. But which are the best WordPress plugins for social media integration? There are over 51,800 plugins, and over 1,700 of them target social media! Fortunately we've narrowed down the list of best WordPress plugins for nonprofit social media.

Below are our top 5 social media integration plugins; so you can focus on other projects.

24 Jul 2017

5 ideas for creating interactive media

Today many visitors want a website that encourages them to do more than sit back and read. They wish to connect with content and they find exploring the site more stimulating. Studies confirm that people respond better to media they can interact with. In fact Demand Metric's research shows that interactive content doubles visitor spending. But there’s no need to go back in time and have an entire flash site.

17 Jul 2017

What is interactive content?

The days are long past where static content on its own satisfies the typical website visitor. Today's technology allows developers to create more personal visitor experiences.

Interactive media content is one of the key concepts behind this online revolution.