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22 Apr 2016

All About Redesign

A Short Guide To Your Website Redesign Process

11 Apr 2016

4 Common Nonprofit Homepage Design Mistakes

Developing a home page that attracts, informs and engages can be a feat, even for the most seasoned nonprofit marketers.

30 Mar 2016
28 Mar 2016

Communication Solutions for Non-Profits

Non-profits need to be much focused while communicating with their donors for fundraising or for supporter engagement.According to the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report 2014, Social Media, e-newsletters and event marketing are the most popular communication channels. Facebook is the most important Social Media tool at 95% respondents vouching for it. This is followed by Twitter (64%), YouTube (38%) and LinkedIn (26%). The report also revealed that 59% of non-profits send an e-newsletter at least once a month. It can be concluded that websites, email marketing and social media are the most popular as well as effective communication channels for Non-Profits.

13 Mar 2016

Exciting News!

Amdee is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting and speaking at the annual Nonprofit Technology Network Conference! Each year, thousands of non-profit marketers and techies converge on one location to discuss the latest trends in non-profit marketing and technology. According to the NTC website, the purpose of this conference is to "collaborate, innovate, and discover new ways to spark change with technology." This year, we will be in sunny San Jose, California from March 23 - 26 and we're hoping you'll join us! On Tuesday, head to Wordpress Day, where Amdee CEO Amar Trivedi will be speaking on the merits of making your nonprofit's website 508 compliant. "In 2016 and beyond, it's imperative that nonprofits ensure their website is following required accessibility principles," says Trivedi. "During the session, I will be discussing the basic principles of accessibility. We will focus on tricks and techniques for project managers and site owners. We will also discuss tips on how to include accessibility through design and within the developmental workflow." Stop by our booth, #426, on all three days to enter for your chance to win an Apple i-Watch. Additionally, you will be entered for a complimentary, no obligation website consultation. For a limited time, save $300 when you register with code: 16NTC-amdee. Click here to learn more!
10 Mar 2016

Technology and Nonprofits

Technology has become the most important part of human lives and is continuously evolving. Companies are trying to decipher how to best use the latest technologies to sell products and services. It is changing the world around us and has helped achieve goals that were previously beyond imagination. E.g. The internet and the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere are wonderful miracles of technology. They have connected the world and opened the door for learning.

05 Aug 2015

Why Brand Storytelling is Important

Once upon a time, there was a website - your website, to be specific. While your site had a lot of content, data showed that it wasn't resonating with your audience. You cried, "Whatever will we do?!" Unfortunately, this is a story many small organizations know all too well. Maybe you're a nonprofit looking to attract more donors or a small business looking to reach a monthly sales goal. Luckily, both of these goals are attainable with the implementation of multi-channel brand storytelling!

17 Jul 2015