Guide for understanding landing pages

So What is a Landing Page?

In regular conversations landing page gets used interchangeably with home page. Online marketers favor highly specific definitions. The most popular marketing definitions says that the prime role is to persuade visitors to supply their contact details on an online form.

This presents a precious opportunity to connect with potential supporters around the world. You can encourage people to sign up to receive newsletters or other email mailings about the organization. 

5 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a vital part of growing any business. It is an easy-to-use platform, offering free signup and allowing small and large organizations alike to reach new and existing audiences. Managing your outlets by finding and posting fresh content and interacting with your audience is vital to your success. However, it is time consuming to login to each platform individually to perform these tasks. Using a social media management tool helps you do these tasks in less time without sacrificing the quality of your posts.

7 SEO Statistics for 2017

Navigating through SEO (search engine optimization) can be complicated. What's more complicated is learning to use SEO to your advantage. Check out these 7 statistics to see why SEO is so important.

Why Brand Storytelling is Important

Once upon a time, there was a website - your website, to be specific. While your site had a lot of content, data showed that it wasn't resonating with your audience. You cried, "Whatever will we do?!" Unfortunately, this is a story many small organizations know all too well. Maybe you're a nonprofit looking to attract more donors or a small business looking to reach a monthly sales goal. Luckily, both of these goals are attainable with the implementation of multi-channel brand storytelling!