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explained: 10 common SEO vocabulary words

We've partnered with John Victory from to talk about search engine optimization, SEO. A topic that easily confuses everyone who understand it. 

4 Ways to Ensure your Organization’s Mailings Don’t Become Spam

The spam filter performs an excellent job preventing a flood of unsolicited messages hitting the inbox, but it also has a negative side — legitimate nonprofit's email marketing often gets blocked.

An organization's good reputation may also be damaged if too many of their emails get marked as spam. Mark Hrywna notes that in 2016 these filters cost American nonprofits an average of $25,000 in lost potential revenue.

5 Key Performance Indicators When Tracking Your Website

Top commercial websites serve a role comparable to attractive shop window displays. For hundreds of years shopkeepers have made eye-catching displays to persuade a passersby to stop, take a look, and hopefully come inside and buy something. The internet equivalent is a well-written and attractively designed website that acts as a magnet to online customers. Does your small business website pull in the expected number of visitors?  Do a reasonable percentage of these visitors make a purchase?

4 Tips to increase your Nonprofit's Email Marketing

Email marketing still has one of the highest engagement rates. It is also one of the most affordable ways to engage customers and potential donors!

Attracting the right eyes and standing out from the digital crowd is difficult. Knowing email marketing best practices helps.

7 SEO Statistics for 2017

Navigating through SEO (search engine optimization) can be complicated. What's more complicated is learning to use SEO to your advantage. Check out these 7 statistics to see why SEO is so important.