Understanding the Differences between and

Almost one out of three websites uses the WordPress open source platform. Yet it is easy to get confused by the existence of both and versions. Is this a butter and margarine type of choice, or are there more profound differences? It is important to know which of these platforms it makes the most sense to choose. Below we compare to

What is the difference; vs.

4 WordPress plugins for Analytics

Your WordPress site is set-up to integrate with social media and SEO plugins. But can you track the performance of your site?

Improved access to key visitor data enables you to maximize online campaign effectiveness.

7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

You've decided to make the jump. You've switched your organization to a WordPress site! With your new content management system (CMS) one of your top priorities is to improve your SEO.

The WordPress plugin library has over 51,800 plugins, over 3,000 are dedicated to SEO. So which are the best wordpress plugins for SEO? We've done the hard work and created a list of the best SEO.  

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media

Summer is in full swing. Your nonprofit or parent center has many fantastic events planned. You want to get the word out through your WordPress site. A good plugin helps the message delivery. But which are the best WordPress plugins for social media integration? There are over 51,800 plugins, and over 1,700 of them target social media! Fortunately we've narrowed down the list of best WordPress plugins for nonprofit social media.

Below are our top 5 social media integration plugins; so you can focus on other projects.

Top 10 WordPress SEO Mistakes That Beginners Make

While the typical website visitor may not know much about WordPress,  it is a cardinal website tool. More than a quarter of all websites are built with WordPress! It's support for SEO is one of the key attractions for organizations and associations. But it requires some practice to get it right. Below are AmDee's SEO tips on mistakes to avoid. 

5 Actionable Tips for WordPress security and speed

Your website is your most valuable channel for communication with your audience. Engage with your audience by keeping your WordPress security and speed optimized. Don't lose half your audience by a website that takes longer than three seconds to load!

5 actionable tips for a faster, more secured WordPress site.

Wordpress: An easy solution for nonprofit organizations

WordPress is a Website Content Management System used to create beautiful user-friendly websites. While initially the name may conjure images of blogs, in recent years it has grown to be a platform capabable of showcasing entire websites. Many famous blogs, apps, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress. With currently 27% of websites using Wordpress, its contribution to nonprofit organizations cannot be undermined. 

DIY: Adding Pictures, Videos, & Gifs to your WordPress Blogs

We’ve heard the facts content performs better with visual aids. Here’s a step by step approach on adding aesthetic appeal to your WordPress blogs and website.

WordPress Hacks: 4 PlugIns Worth Talking About

WordPress, as a CMS (content management system) is an incredibly versatile and powerful platform . No two organizations are the same, so plugins cater to the specific needs of all. With over  49,000 plugins, it is easy to find one that will work for your organization's needs .
AmDee recommends a few plugins to help with three basic needs of every website - SEO, sharing and Workflow.